i was only a child who believed in christmas.


hopelessly devoted...

Close your eyes and fading pages of memories will be revived. This is a prayer of an innocent girl -To fly up towards the skies of hope. The moment you sigh, time flies by right away while you stand idle by yourself. Sing to yourself the melody that protects dreams when people have fallen asleep. This wish that we may meet again will this yarn of love be spun? This fairy tale that invites gentleness; You were the one who taught me about it. Let us return, quietly to our memories of those times.

KORORI is a young fangirl who likes to draw and hang out on LJ and MSN. She is really, really friendly and tries to be funny but sometimes horribly fails. She also has TONS of nicknames given to her by friends and peers at school. At school, I'll be called Anorexikort (Kortnee is my real name and I am not really anorexic, I'm just skinny.), Kor-ta-naaaay, and some other hillarious names. Around her LJ friends, she's called Korotan, Koropon, Korosaurus, Korozilla, Korocarrotzilla, and anything you can end my name in that's cutesy. Koro's ethnincy (did she mention she is a horrible speller?) is Chinese but cannot remember any of the language-except nihao and other stuff like that. She has decided "Mail Me" by Haruko Momoi is her theme song. Koro is also very strange but she is also very cute, according to lots of people who know her. She's really into anime and manga if you haven't noticed and some of her favorites are Seto no Hanayome, CLANNAD, Air, Kanon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, sola, School Days and lots and lots of others. She also likes music, her boyfriend, ice cream, adorable objects, electronics, reading, singing (she does that horribly) and anything else she can name. If you see her talking about something you don't understand, it might be an inside joke between her and her LJ family/friends. (things such as the furries, korocookies being crappy, etc.) Koro's journal is FRIENDS ONLY but she is fine with anybody adding her, just go to the friends only post and ask to be added~ Just make sure we have the some of the same likes and stuff.

Mikawa Kai is MAI WAIFU

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iam_the Fuuko Ibuki (CLANNAD) of LJ!